We provide a professional and efficient audio transcription service. Our experienced sector-specific transcribers are skilled in all aspects of transcription work to provide comprehensive support for individuals and organisations. We offer both verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcription services to ensure your interviews, meetings, seminars, conferences and more are transcribed accurately to satisfy your exact requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering a highly competitive transcription service. You pay as you go and only for the time you talk. We then allocate a transcriber to your project who has experience of your sector, resulting in a value-added service on which you can rely.

As a company renowned for its innovative expertise, we continually enhance our systems by incorporating next generation technology. We can therefore accept files in a multitude of ways, offering complete flexibility and ease of use. You can digitally record or dictate using a Dictaphone, smart phone or tablet or, alternatively, call us directly using a landline or mobile phone. Files can be transferred easily via our website, e-mail or the d2u Transcriber™ app.

Should you wish to purchase a Dictaphone, we can recommend and supply the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

To learn more about how we can tailor our transcription service to suit your precise needs, please choose your relevant sector for more information.