Alternative communication formats

Sign language

By transposing your content into Braille, Moon, Large Print or audio description files, you can make your information accessible to all, including visually impaired, blind or deaf people. We have the expertise to transcribe, translate and edit content into alternative communication formats for a variety of mediums, including letters, reports, catalogues, magazines and books. We can also make graphs and complex charts easily accessible.

Documents produced in Braille enable partially sighted and blind people to access information via a tactile reading code of raised dots. Whilst Braille offers many benefits, some people favour its alternative, Moon, which is a raised alphabet based on printed letters. We can produce both formats to suit your exact requirements.

We are also able to create Large Print files for those people who cannot comfortably read regular print. These documents are produced in a minimum of 16-point font and a maximum 48-point font.

Audio files provide an efficient way to access information. Our specialists can prepare scripts and modify content so it can be easily adapted for CDs, cassettes and secure electronic transfer. We can also produce visual aids such as subtitles and signage.

To find out how you can make your information accessible to larger audiences, especially if you are under a legal obligation to do so, please choose your relevant sector for more details.