University students

We have extensive experience of supporting the entire academic sector. We offer direct support for students, teachers and lecturers, as well as long-term assistance for college and university departments. We have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of this sector, from students requiring the assistance of skilled editors to enhance the presentation of assignments or a lecturer needing to translate essential course materials. We often operate as an outsourced typing support service to various departments in academic establishments across the UK.

Our transcribers are highly experienced in the field of learning and development. As such, they are all adept at transcribing audio recordings of lectures, focus groups, research interviews and course videos into well-written text files. We can recommend and supply appropriate recording devices that will ultimately save you time and enable you to concentrate on the discussions taking place without the distraction of note taking.

Our skilled translators can translate research interviews and research papers into over two hundred languages. We provide full assurance that the meaning will be represented accurately and appropriately for the target reader.

By using our alternative communication format service, you can ensure your academic establishment fully complies with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. As well as offering a subtitling service for televised programmes and films, we can transpose all documents into Braille, Moon, Large Print, tactile diagrams and books to ensure your information is accessible to all.

Our experienced and skilled typists can rapidly copy-type lecture notes, research notes, essays and assignments, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your academic work.

Coursework, dissertations and theses can be comprehensively proofread and even copy-edited by our experienced editors. Both these services will enhance the overall quality of your work.

To find out more about how d2u can assist your particular needs within the learning, development and education sector, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements or sign up to try our free trial.